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Marine barite Pb isotopes as an intermediate water tracer - Record of glacial Interglacial changes in the Equatorial Pacific Project Lead: Andrea Erhardt Summary Intermediate water formation plays a critical role in the redistribution of heat and freshwater, making 2011/7/26The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting healthcare professionals to stop using CardioGen-82 for cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) scans. The manufacturer, Bracco Diagnostics Inc., has decided to voluntarily recall CardioGen-82 this week after two patients set off radiation detectors at a U.S. border crossings due to strontium contamination.

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The crux of this bit of simple, theoretical geochemistry is that strontium has two stable isotopes, 87 Sr and 86 Sr in a roughly 70:100 proportion. The 86 Sr has no source other than the processes in stars that generate all the elements (Part III), and most 87 Sr formed that way too.

Radiogenic isotopes of neodymium (Nd), lead (Pb), strontium (Sr)) are some of the tools that I primarily use to examine past changes in ocean circulation. However, before embarking on a journey to study past climate, it is essential that we understand how the proxies that we plan on applying to study past climate work in the modern ocean.

2011/10/25In stark contrast to modern midocean ridge and ophiolite serpentinites, Zn in Isua and Mariana serpentinites is markedly depleted in heavy isotopes with respect to the igneous average. Based on recent results of Zn isotope fractionation between coexisting species in solution, the Isua serpentinites were permeated by carbonate-rich, high-pH hydrothermal solutions at medium

We refined the strontium isotope seawater curve for the Paleocene and early Eocene by analysis of samples recovered from the Walvis Ridge during Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Leg 208. The highest 87 Sr/ 86 Sr values occurred in the earliest Paleocene at ∼65 Ma and generally decreased throughout the Paleocene, reaching minimum values between 53 and 51 Ma in the early Eocene before beginning to

Schweissing M, Grupe G (2003) Stable strontium isotopes in human teeth and bone: a key to migration events of the late Roman period in Bavaria. J Archaeol Sci 30:1373–1383 Google Scholar Sealy JC, van der Merwe NJ, Sillen A et al (1991) 87 Sr/ 86 Sr as a dietary

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Synthetically, there are around 16 radioactive isotopes of strontium formed through nuclear reactions. The global strontium market is primarily driven by the high demand from paints coatings industry owing to its superior properties such as gloss, contrast ratio, opacity, resistance to salt, fog, weather, and UV, improved film coverage, easy dispersion, high pellet flow, and smooth surface.

During the early Miocene, the strontium isotopic curve was marked by a steep rise in 87 Sr/ 86 Sr that included a break in slope near 19 Ma. The rate of growth was about 60 ppm/m.y. between 22.5 and 19.0 Ma and increased to over 80 ppm/m.y. between 19.0

Seawater strontium isotopes, acid rain, and the Cretaceous‐Tertiary Boundary MacDougall, MacDougall Comment on High‐latitude application of 87 Sr/ 86 Sr. correlation of Nuwok beds on North Slope, Alaska, to standard Oligocene chronostratigraphy'

Strontium is found naturally as a non-radioactive element. Strontium has 16 known isotopes. Naturally occurring strontium is found as four stable isotopes Sr-84, -86, -87, and -88. Twelve other isotopes are radioactive. Strontium-90 is the most important radioactive

However, a recognition from the strontium isotopes that the salinization was initiated earlier at 8.4 ky BP and that the 7.14 ky BP only reflected a threshold in salinity resolves the apparent conflict. The second objection (Aksu et al. 2002a, b) is based on three

The Marshall Islands in the Equatorial Pacific, specifically Enewetak and Bikini Atolls, were the site of US nuclear testing from 1946 through 1958. In 1978, the Northern Marshall Islands Radiological Survey was conducted to evaluate the radiological conditions of two islands and ten atolls downwind of

Global and regional influences on equatorial shallow-marine carbonates during the Cenozoic Moyra E.J. Wilson⁎ Department of Applied Geology, Curtin University, GPO Box U1987, Perth, WA 6845, Australia ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Article history: Received 24

720 New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 2004, Vol. 47 Nelson et al.—Sr isotope dating, NZ Oligocene 721 100 m or more (Fulthorpe et al. 1996). In the early Oligocene there was rapid faunal turnover in the world oceans (Diester-Haass Zahn 1996).


calcium, and strontium). A few rare gas papers also first appeared in 1964 and 1967: Mazor, Wasserburg, and Craig, and Craig, Weiss, and Clarke. Thus, I claim that the field of trace element and tracer marine chemistry essentially began after the mid-1960s

2017/3/27Strontium is in the same chemical family as calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, rubidium is in the same chemical family as potassium and sodium. Those minerals that contain K or Na such as Na-plagioclase and/or K-feldspar can be expected to have higher Rb content due to the potential family substitution.

Les isotopes stables du strontium (Ericson, 1985), du soufre (Katzenberg et Krouse, 1989), ou de l'oxygne (Schwarcz tal, 1991 ; Bocherens, 1992) seraient intressants pour ces tudes migratoires, qui ont aussi des applications mdico-lgales dans le

1968/10/1The isotopic composition of Sr in the major oceans of the world is uniform at the present time; the average Sr SUP87/SUP/Sr SUP86/SUP ratio is 0.7094 0.0012 at the 95 per cent confidence level. The clay fractions of the equatorial Atlantic deep sea sediments contain Sr of variable composition, not in isotopic equilibrium with ocean water. The Sr composition in the sediments is

An improved and updated version of the statistical LOWESS fit to the marine 87Sr/86Sr record and a revised look-up table (V3:10/99; available from based upon it enables straightforward conversion of 87Sr/86Sr to numerical age, and vice versa, for use in strontium isotope stratigraphy (SIS). The table includes 95% confidence intervals on predictions of numerical age from

2020/2/13Using isotopes to reconstruct life histories within the transatlantic slave trade Anthropologist Vicky Oelze uses strontium isotope analysis to match human skeletal remains to their place of origin We know villages were destroyed and people were being taken, says

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