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A company that makes concrete blocks has a carousel with 10 horizontal two-piece molds that are clamped together, one at a time, by a 3-in. bore, 15-in. stroke hydraulic cylinder. Concrete is then poured into the top gate to fill each mold. The clamp cylinder and 2006/2/3RE: Helical vs. Concrete Piers (cost effectiveness) PSlem (Geotechnical) 15 Jan 06 07:50 I doubt concrete piers would withstand a mud slide, and even if they did, the cost to restore slab support, repair pipes and get a new CO may be too high.

Helical Piers vs Concrete Piers

Final Verdict: Steel Piers vs. Pressed Concrete Piling Repair Both the Steel Piers and the Pressed Concrete Piling Method are commonly used for foundation repair. However, if one was to evaluate which method is better than the other, it is clear that the steel pier method is the preferred method for long-term, high-quality foundation repairs.

2013/5/1Then, while vibrating, more fresh pervious concrete is added into the mold until the mold is over-filled. This process takes approximate another 60 s. After placing and vibrating, the specimen is pressed by a press machine under a pressure of 2.0 MPa for 3 min.

This manually-operated hydraulic Pellet Press is ideal for fast and easy preparation of both solid and highly permeable pellets of solid samples for X-ray fluorescence analysis or infrared spectroscopy. The pressure force is variable up to max. 250 kN (25 tons) and is

Handheld vs. Walk-Behind Concrete Grinder If you're a builder and your company pours a lot of concrete slabs every week, you should invest in a walk-behind planer. The ouch of the additional cost will lessen every time you walk away from a finished project and move on to the next one.

A properly engineered prestressed-concrete beam can span longer distances than a reinforced-concrete beam and it is thinner, lighter in weight, and uses less concrete without cracking or breaking. Figure 1 - Here is Belgian engineer Gustave Magnel's drawing that explains prestressing by showing how a row of books, pressed tightly together end to end, becomes a beam capable of supporting more

Soil Compaction Equipment

2012/12/17Soil composition and site constraints should govern your equipment choices. Properly compacted soil is a key component of virtually every construction project. It provides the firm, dense base needed to support footings and foundations, slabs, and pavements.

The types of pier foundations are masonry or concrete piers and drilled caissons. The types of caissons are box, open, pneumatic, monolithic, floating, excavated etc. The types of pile foundation are end-bearing piles, friction piles, compaction piles, anchor piles, tension or

Foundation Repairs: Hydraulic Push Piers vs. Pressed Concrete Pilings Feb 1, 2013 • By Matthew Stock with Barry Schilling. When your home suffers structural foundation damage, it's pretty serious business. It's not a repair you can put off because the damage

Roller-compacted concrete, or RCC, takes its name from the construction method used to build it. It's placed with conventional or high-density asphalt paving equipment,then compacted with rollers. Roller-compacted concrete has the same basic ingredient as conventional concrete: cement, water, and aggregates, such as gravel or crushed stone.

VIBCO offers a complete line of hydraulic vibrators to suit your needs. Our hydraulic vibrators operate in any position and are not affected by dirty, muddy or wet locations. They can operate on pressures up to 3000 PSI — making VIBCO Hydraulic Vibrators ideal for use with construction equipment, concrete forming equipment and a wide variety of applications.

Welcome to KNAUER ENGINEERING KNAUER ENGINEERING is a company working in the field of engineering and development of special machines with its own production facilities. Its wide range of products offers custom-made planning to all kinds of users in

Economy Hydraulic Shop Press: I decided to make a small scale shop press since over the years I had an occasional need for one while doing projects, but never had the justification for a typical real one. My design criteria was based on the lowest cost to achieve

Concrete was poured into a rectangular frame about 2 in. deep, the water was pressed out, and the frame was moved onto a carriage to the next station, which drilled a -in. hole in one side. The carriage then moved each frame to the next station, where a positioner motor rotated each frame 90 deg., allowing the same drill to bore a hole into a perpendicular side of the block.

34 Cool and Modern DIY Concrete Projects

Concrete is, believe it or not, a very versatile material. It's not used just in big projects and buildings but also for smaller, DIY projects. You can make all sorts of things out of concrete and it's actually quite easy. It's a material that allows you to shape it however you

The formulation can be changed to attain quick drying, underwater non-hydraulic drying and super strength concrete. However other cements such as Super sulfated cements which contain about 80% blast furnace slag, 15% gypsum or anhydrite and some Portland clinker or lime as an activator can also be produced for specific applications.

Handheld vs. Walk-Behind Concrete Grinder If you're a builder and your company pours a lot of concrete slabs every week, you should invest in a walk-behind planer. The ouch of the additional cost will lessen every time you walk away from a finished project and move on to the next one.

2015/9/107. Leave the slump cone in the closet When speaking to a precast manufacturing friend who lives in the Chicagoland area on this subject of dry-cast facts, he said, "Unlike the Cubs, dry-cast concrete doesn't slump." Dry cast is known as zero-slump or negative

Hydraulic fittings I often ask my students why they install flanges and fittings in any system. When I explain that the installation of flanges and fittings in a system is for our benefit, I get a puzzled look. Flanges and fittings will give us access to parts of a system

The right concrete cutting blade can spell the difference between a cost-effective and efficient job and one with lots of downtime and additional costs. Thus, you must know what to look for in a blade for your next concrete cutting project. There are various

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