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Keywords Iran, Sistan and Baluchestan, climatic variations, malaria, temperature, humidity, rainfall Background Malaria is one of the most important parasitic diseases and one of the most important health problems in a number of countries, particularly countries in tropical and subtropical regions of the world ( Azizi, Janghorbani, Hatami, 2011 ). Climatic responsive architecture of Tabriz M. Singery Islamic Azad University, Iran S. M. Mofidi Univiversity of Science Technology, Iran consumption rate of fuel, to draw the design principles from the occupied and existing vernacular architecture. The findings

The Geography of Iran: From Location to Climate

2019/9/1Iran, officially called the Islamic Republic of Iran, is located in western Asia, a region that is better known as the Middle East.Iran is a large country with the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf making up much of the northern and southern borders, respectively. To the

reasons: 1) the climatic conditions of Iran; 2) non-private (or public) ownership of green spaces. A large part of Iran is situated in zones that have poor conditions for the spontaneous growth of plants and as such, green spaces must be implemented, nurtured and

Climatic conditions of Mazandaran have prevented the preservation of historical monuments. There are hardly any sound vestiges remaining from pre-Islamic periods in the coastal plains of Mazandaran. But the province is known to have been populated from early antiquity, and Mazandaran has changed hands among various dynasties from early in its history.

Fulltext - Climatic Changes of Khorasan, North-East of Iran, During 1950-2004 Subscribe Today Abstract References PDF XML Research Article Climatic Changes of Khorasan, North-East of Iran, During 1950-2004 and The objective of this study was to evaluate

Fire is a natural disturbance in a wide range of ecosystem types around the world. Although the majority of fires are caused by anthropogenic ignitions, climate and weather are known to influence the risk of fire spread, regardless of ignition source. However, the

ASHRAE climatic design conditions 2009/2013/2017

CLIMATIC DESIGN CONDITIONS Psychrometric Calculator Google Maps? SI IP Just right click on site on the map and get nearest weather stations! + − i dimok911gmail Contacts Psychrometric Calculator Close Pressure, Pa Altitude, m Tdb, C f,

Investigating the Effect of Climatic Factors of Roshtkhar Town (Khorasan Razavi, Iran) on the Development and Cultivation of Pistachio Using GIS Software Hassan Rahmanpour1*, Esmail Arjomand2, Fatemeh Akrami2, Mahdi K. Hoshtinat3 1Young Researchers

Again, the obtained results might question the suitability of the combination-based machine learning models under different climatic conditions (e.g. Shiri et al., 2012). This might show the significant effect of relative humidity, which is a very important factor in coastal regions, although it presented minor negative correlation (mean value of −0.136 for the studied region) with ET o .

Mohsen Abbasnia, 2019. Climatic characteristics of heat waves under climate change: a case study of mid-latitudes, Iran, Environment, Development and Sustainability: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development, Springer, vol. 21(2), pages 637-656, April.

Response to Climatic Conditions in Bushehr Province of Iran Art. 60, page 3 of 11 county's population was 71,285 from 15,465 families. The capital of the county is Khormuj. The county is sub-divided into three districts: the central district, Kaki dis-trict, and

climatic conditions (Table 3). Our results show that O. laevigatus preferred habitats with cool to mild winters and warm to very warm summers (Table 3), a finding consistent with results of [1] and [38].

who and ich guidelines long term testing conditions (temp/humidity) testing conditions climatic zones long term stability testing which could be realized in order to cover all climatic zones 21 o c/ 45% rh long term i 25 0 c/ 60% rh 25 o c/ 60% rh long term i and ii 30 o c/ 35% rh

This investigation is an endeavor to propose an innovative indicator in order to eliminate the restrictions of similar indices. The Outdoor Tourism Climate Index (OTCI) elucidates whether or not the combination of different climatic elements, their compatibility with the climate at the travel origin, and the tourist's purpose of traveling is desirable for outdoor tourists, nature-based

The relation between climatic factors and malaria

Malaria is among the most important parasitic diseases, and is one of the endemic diseases in Iran. This disease is often known as a disease related to climate changes. Due to the health and economic burden of malaria and the location of Kerman province in an area with high incidence of malaria, the present study aimed to evaluate the effects of climatic factors on the incidence of this disease.

Iran is facing a severe water crisis. Drought, rising water demand, degradation and mismanagement of water resources put pressure on society and feed into wider grievances and political unrest. Uncertainty about future water supply due to climate change and tensions over water between Iran and neighbouring countries further compound this situation.

2019/7/5Exploitation of diversity within farmers' durum wheat varieties enhanced the chance of selecting productive, stable and adaptable new varieties to the local climatic conditions - Volume 17 Issue 5 - Dejene K. Mengistu, Afewerki Y. Kiros, Jemal N. Mohammed

Flora of Iran Iran – with 1,640,000 square kilometers area, in the south-west of Asia- of the northern hemisphere, has its specific combination of different elements of life and a special ecosystem and biodiversity due to various factors including different climatic conditions, high mountains all around and a large desert in center.

Extreme Climatic Conditions and Derived Conditions for Use in Defining Design/Test Criteria for NATO Forces Materiel AIMS The Aims of this Agreement are: a. To describe the principal climatic factors which constitute the distinctive climatic environments found throughout the world, excluding Antarctica.

Extreme Climatic Conditions and Derived Conditions for Use in Defining Design/Test Criteria for NATO Forces Materiel AIMS The Aims of this Agreement are: a. To describe the principal climatic factors which constitute the distinctive climatic environments found throughout the world, excluding Antarctica.

Study of Climatic Conditions of Golestan The General Climatic Features of Golestan The most critical factors effecting on the condition of a specified region are Latitude, and climate which cause thermal variation (Coach, 1998). Among four climatic divisions of

climatic zones in Golestan province, according to the type of construction, climatic performance of building envelope, and building envelope, to provide the comfortable living conditions. Such a building environment acts as a living organism that is inherently

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